Friday, August 15, 2008

Linked In Question Posting

I just posted a question on LinkedIn,

The most interesting answer I got was a redirect to Chris Butler's Blog, It links to their "Project Anatomy" document. I like the ideas behind it.

To summarize:

"There are three specific steps dedicated to QA. The first two occur during the programming phase of the project, and the third occurs immediately after a site goes live. These QA steps are guided by involvement with almost everyone on the team, requiring a thorough review of every aspect of the site's design and functionality and producing a detailed report that we use to make any necessary corrections. However, there are two other QA steps in our Anatomy that aren't as immediately obvious, but are probably the most important."

The two items were Code Review and Integration. Code Review - is the Development group's role in Quality Assessment, and Integration is where Content Publishing and final fit and finish development occurs where the team as a whole is reviewing the deliverable.

They point to the key to QA is collaboration... hmmm do they have their own Scrum?

Very cool stuff - check out the other answers at my LinkedIn Question: Quality Assurance in a Web Design Firm - Where do you see it fit in?

Blog ya later!

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Christopher Butler said...


Thanks for the link! We're constantly working on improving our QA, so the anatomy is always in "flux."